Our courses are based on the wildly successful program, Signing Time, developed by Rachel Coleman for children of all ages. Ms. Coleman herself has two hearing impaired children and when confronted with the lack of childhood American Sign Language education, she created a solution. Signing Time has brought American Sign Language to the early education mainstream. Armed with a basic child-centered vocabulary, parents and young children are able to communicate in a fun, efficient, and mutually beneficial way.

Talking children also benefit immensely from learning ASL because until our children reach the age five, they have the ability to learn almost anything as long as the learning pathways are established early. 90% of brain development occurs before the age of five and significantly slows down after that age.

As educators and parents, we obviously want to take advantage of the neuroplasticity our children are born with. ASL creates learning pathways similar to that of spoken languages. This means that if a child learns ASL(or any other foreign language) before the age of five, the ability to learn foreign languages later in life is significantly increased. Proven early childhood literacy tools like ASL for children show the highest long-term efficacy when it comes to learning capabilities later in life.  Children who are exposed early and often to high quality early education simply do better academically than those that are not.

Rocky Mountain Sign Language is beyond passionate about American Sign Language as a learning tool, but we also want to be a resource for the parents of deaf children. Many children who are born deaf are never exposed to American Sign Language and in some cases are discouraged from signing in favor of learning to read lips and speaking.

While these are valuable tools, American Sign Language is the most important tool as it allows young children a route for communication and learning. In an effort to support families affected by hearing loss, RMSL supports mydeafchild.org and Signing Time Foundation which provide free ASL classes. We also plan to donate 5% of our profits to the Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind in 2019.

We also support our local libraries, the Ada County Boys & Girls Club, and other places of learning by providing free ASL classes and other early childhood education tools. We absolutely love the Treasure Valley and are so excited to be providing valuable resources and fun-making wherever we go!