Boys & Girls Club of Ada County


We are excited to announce our partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Ada County. For the next few weeks will be teaching some basic American Sign Language to the amazing Kindergartners @ 9:20 am on Wednesdays. If the kiddos are interested, then we will continue classes by participating in the theme of the week created by Boys & Girls Clubs teachers.

Classes like these allow RMSL to accomplish its primary objective: increasing high quality early childhood education in the Treasure Valley. Since Idaho lacks a state-funded pre-k program, parents and independent educators are left to fill the gap. RMSL is proud to be filling in and taking up the cause of early childhood literacy in Idaho.

We will also provide ASL resources to any families of the Boys & Girls Club of Ada County whose children are deaf or hard of hearing. These children and their parents deserve to learn ASL so that they may communicate, learn, and grow together. Any family with a child under 3 can apply at for free ASL classes provided by SignIt and the Signing Time Foundation.



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