Urban Green Kids: Enchanting and Relaxing Space For Kids

The play space you didn’t know you needed, but you really do.

The environment is bright and calming with large windows and a smart floor plan. Each part of the space is curated with engaging play and beauty in mind. Children can easily play together or alone; all parties happy with the arrangement. That’s because all the toys have been hand picked by the owner.

Some of the collection are handmade toys from Etsy, others come from German educational toymaker Hape. All of the toys are aesthetically pleasing, but are also a TON of fun.

Other neat items are the beautiful costumes waiting within a child sized wardrobe. There is a sea foam sparkly fairy number from Pottery Barn. Several wing and tutu options. And a dinosaur costume!

For very young patrons and their parents there is a plush area complete with infant toys soft pillows for lounging and self-exploration mirrors. Babies seem content to sleep in the sunlight while their siblings play and parents rest.

Using criteria from the Waldorf and Montessori methods of learning, Urban Green Kids is sure to keep kids busy playing and learning.FB_IMG_1510019010237.jpg

Visit Urban Green Kids Here




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